January 30, 2015

337 george crowe

Type 2 variety on 1959 Topps 337 George Crowe. The variation can be found in the portrait, on the left side of the brim of Crowe’s ball cap.  There is a circular, pinkish colored spot 1mm in diameter.  This variation occurs on approximately 30 to 35% of examples according to a survey of cards.

1959 Topps 337 George Crowe1959 Topps 337 George Crowe variation

January 26, 2015

103 billy goodman

Type 2 variation on 1959 Topps 103 Billy Goodman. High in the top border, above and to the right of the “y” in the name “billy,” there is a red line just under 5mm in length. The mark is similar to the one on 412 Stan Lopata. The card must be off center to the bottom for it to appear. This is a difficult variation to find because of its location on the card, and a very difficult variation to find in high grade. This variation occurs on fewer than 5% of examples according to a survey of cards.

 1959 Topps 103 Billy Goodman 1959 Topps 103 Billy Goodman variation