December 21, 2013

197 ray semproch

Type 2 variety on 1959 Topps 197 Ray Semproch can be found in the upper left hand part of the card.  There is a curved black line that extends upward and to the right, approximately 7mm from the “S” in the team name “PHILLIES” through the blue background and into the right border.  This variation occurs on approximately 20% of examples according to a survey of cards available.

1959 Topps 197 Ray Semproch1959 Topps 197 Ray Semproch variation

December 14, 2013

546 al schroll

Type 2 variety on 1959 Topps 546 Al Schroll can be found in the “a” of the name “al”.  There are two jagged intrusions of black into the yellow letter and the affected part of the letter is shifted downward.  The original letter made to produce this card was probably defective.  From a survey of examples available on eBay, this variation appears on approximately 20% of cards.

1959 Topps 546 Al Schroll1959 Topps 546 Al Schroll variation

December 8, 2013

129 frank herrera

Type 1 variety on 1959 Topps 129 Frank Herrera Sporting News Rookie Star can be found in the right border, extending from the shield.  There is a small black mark approximately 1.5mm long that extends from the right hand side of the shield into the border, about halfway down the card.  This variation occurs on 40% of examples according to a survey of available cards.

1959 Topps 129 Frank Herrera1959 Topps 129 Frank Herrera variation