July 12, 2013

1959 Topps uncut sheets

One of the keys to understanding the 1959 Topps set is the arrangement of the cards on the printing plates.  The arrangement could help to explain a lot about the set, from variations to condition scarcity. It is surprising how many “interesting” cards fall on sheet borders and corners.  For example, notoriously difficult 572 Billy Pierce All Star is the top left card on the series 7 sheet and frequently messed-with 416 Haywood Sullivan is a bottom right card on the series 5 sheet.

Unfortunately, proof sheets or otherwise complete sheets are rare.  Or maybe I haven’t been lucky enough to stumble across them all.  From what I have been able to assemble, I believe that toppcat at The Topps Archives blog is correct in that there were 7 separate printing runs.

Can you help me in my research to plate this set?  Do you have a scan or photograph of a strip, panel, or sheet of 1959 Topps cards?  Is this information compiled somewhere else already?  Please send me an email at 59cards(at)gmail(dot)com.  Click the “Uncut Sheets” links for the data I have so far.

Series Number of Cards Card Numbers Card Stock
1 110 1-110 White
2 88 111-198 Gray
3 88 199-286 White and Gray
4 88 287-374 Gray
5 66 375-440 White
6 66 441-506 Gray
7 66 507-572 White

Here is what I have so far:

Series Number of Cards Format Status
1 110 Sheet of 110 ? -
2 88 2x132, 11x12, each sheet: 11x4 ABA BAB complete
3 88 2x132, 11x12, each sheet: 11x4 ABA BAB ? 44 cards (1/2) complete
4 88 2x132, 11x12, each sheet: 11x4 ABA BAB complete
5 66 2x132, 11x12 each sheet: 2x 11x6 complete
6 66 2x132, 11x12 each sheet: 2x 11x6 ? -
7 66 Sheet of 66, 11x6 complete

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